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The first of its kind in New Braunfels, Millennium Medi Spa is a physician-directed aesthetic enhancement center. Millennium Medi Spa offers a unique combination of traditional spa services and medical skin rejuvenation treatments designed to help you look and feel your very best.

The professionals at Millennium Medi Spa are focused on helping you take care of your individual skin and beauty needs. Our medical director and trained technicians will consult with you to help you achieve your beauty and skin care goals. Their customized treatment plans will help you obtain the optimal results during your visits to the medi spa.

Fat Melting
Skin Tightening
Hollywood Peel


Gentle, no downtime and painless, exfoliation of the upper skin layer. You will feel your skin become smoother and see an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles after just one session.


State of the art body contouring utilizing radiofrequency technology. Help reduce those stubborn areas of body fat that no matter how much you diet or exercise you cannot seem to see a difference.


Get rid of spider veins with laser power! See results quickly with this advanced technology and become a better you!


Perfect treatment for stimulation of collagen, improvement of skin texture, superficial acne scars, stretch marks and fine lines with minimal downtime or discomfort. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can be added to this procedure.


Improve the appearance of your facial profile. Kybella is the only FDA approved drug for the destruction of adipocytes (i.e. fat cells) responsible for the fatty tissue hanging below your chin.



IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is an energy-based device that helps correct brown discoloration from excessive sun exposure and red discoloration from tiny blood vessels in the skin. Improvement in skin tone and texture is seen with a series of minimal downtime treatments.


Similar to microneedling results with the addition of radiofrequency energy to provide thermal tightening of the skin and the collagen within. Radiofrequency microneedling improves the texture of the skin and is a popular treatment for acne and other scars. Platelet rich plasma (PRP)can be added to this procedure.

Revitalize and exfoliate your skin with a comfortable no downtime hydrating facial.

Hollywood Peel

A mild laser peel using our Spectra laser. A no pain, no down time peel designed to have you looking great for that special event even on the same day. The Hollywood Peel shrinks enlarged pores, improves fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen and helps lessen the intensity of acne outbreaks.

A skin resurfacing procedure using our CO2 laser. The procedure excels at improving lines, winkles, skin laxity, photodamage and stimulation of much needed collagen in the skin. Aggressiveness of he laser treatment can be tailored to the patient’s skin condition and desired downtime.


Hyaluronic Acid fillers designed to replace lost volume in the face and lips. Restoring the youthful facial contour lost over time can be achieved with minimal downtime and discomfort.


Botox for Hyperhidrosis

Botox injections provided in areas of excessive sweating. The arm pits, hands and feet are popular areas for treatment. Also, Botox can be used in micro droplet amounts in the facial area to reduce excessive perspiration.

The most popular neuromodulator used by more aesthetic physicians than all others combined. Botox has an outstanding reputation for treatment of dynamic facial wrinkles in the hands of an experienced injector. Botox is the most likely choice by those persons interested in making a difference in their appearance.


Tighten the lax facial, neck and other body areas using radiofrequency technology. This is a no downtime and painless procedure that helps tighten skin and stimulate collagen.

Improve sun damaged and aged skin using advanced LED skin therapy. Gentle Waves LED uses light and photo rejuvenation to rapidly rehabilitate damaged skin.

Spa Services

From a relaxing massage and rejuvenating facials to dermal fillers and laser skin treatments, our physician-directed cosmetic services are designed to give you the optimal results you’ve been looking for.

Millennium Signature – Treat breakouts, lighten dark spots, and deeply hydrate skin to tackle multiple concerns. 75 minutes. 

The Ultimate – Take a load off and give yourself the ultimate treat with this power facial experience. We enhanced the Millennium Signature Facial with a Vibradermabrasion and a Hydrafacial and topped it off with a Hand Renewal treatment. 2 hours. 

The Works – The Ultimate experience wasn’t enough, we had to take it up a notch by adding a back facial with Vibradermabrasion and a Foot Renewal treatment. 3 hours. 

For more package options, call us at 830.608.9989!

Remove unwanted hair temporarily with a wax treatment. Waxing can be done on most areas of the body and will last longer than traditional shaving.

Facial Waxing –Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Chin, Sideburns, Full Face, Brow Tweezing

Body Waxing – Underarms, Full Arms, Lower Arms, Full Legs, Lower Legs, Upper Back, Lower Back, Standard Bikini, Extended Bikini, Brazilian, Full Bikini

Xtreme lashes are semi-permanent eyelashes that last up to 2 months with refills. They have a natural look and feel and are water resistant. They will not harm your eyelids or natural lashes. Our trained professional will use the best color and length to enhance your natural lashes.

Full Application
Includes 2 hour appointment and take home clear coat

15 Min | 30 Min | 45 Min | 60 Min


“This place is amazing! Dr. Smith and staff are the absolute best! Very knowledgeable and professional.”

Tammie Gilligan

“Very pleased with my first visit! Staff is very well educated, the doctor was extremely nice and explained everything in great depth.”

Ashley Green

“Dr. Smith and the staff are fantastic! Kind, patient, friendly and knowledgeable in a clean and relaxing environment.”

Renee Wilson

“I had a great experience at Millennium Medi Spa. I saw Dr Smith for fillers, he was knowledgeable and took his time to explain things.”

Laura Huezo

“Dr. Smith and the staff are awesome. Knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend their services.”

James Wilson