Massage therapy is an excellent way to improve circulation, energy level and overall well being.  Massage can reduce stress and enhance relaxation.  It can also relieve lower back pain and lower blood pressure while improving flexibility and  range of motion.

Knead A Break (Swedish)

This classic Swedish massage treatment will improve your circulation, energy levels and overall well-being. Your massage will be tailored to fit your aromatherapy needs as well as relieve stress and tension.

Sessions (Min.): 30 | 45 | 60 | 90 | 120

Hurt So Good (Deep Tissue)

Deep tissue massage is an intense delivery of the traditional therapeutic massage. Firm pressure, slow strokes and aromatherapy are used to target trouble spots for individuals requiring deeper work.

Sessions (Min.): 30 | 45 | 60 | 90

RiverStone Rubdown

Escape to a place of pure relaxation with this ancient native American treatment. Warm stone therapy is combined with traditional Swedish massage using heated rocks to dissolve muscle tension and induce deep relaxation.

Sessions (Min.): 60 | 90

Reflex Renewal

Reflexology is based on the idea that massaging specific “reflex zones” on your feet can relieve tension, ease pain and even improve circulation in corresponding parts of the body. This treatment is best when done three days in a row.

Sessions (Min.): 60

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Of particular benefit to those with injuries, pre or post operative care, or after recovering from an illness. This light, hands-on procedure encourages the removal of toxins by stimulating the flow of lymphatic fluid from the body that may help strengthen the immune system and reduce swelling.

Sessions (Min.): 60

Peace and Posture

A perfect massage designed specifically for upper body tension. Have your back, neck and arms and hands de-stressed with this custom massage.

Sessions (Min.): 45

Runners Massage

Ease your aching legs and feet with the ultimate lower body massage. Perfect for the athlete or those who are on their feet all day.

Sessions (Min.): 30

Jojoba Mint & Scalp Treatment

Add shine and silkiness to your beautiful locks. A fabulous hand and foot massage makes this the perfect pampering experience.  Also a great add on to body wraps and facials.

Sessions (Min.): 45

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